International Megan’s Law Update

Wednesday March 14th

7:00-8:30 Eastern Time


NARSOL has learned that the U.S. State Department has begun canceling valid passports pursuant to authority granted by Congress in 2016 when it passed International Megan’s Law (IML). This has resulted in American citizens being turned back at several foreign destinations recently. Paul Rigney from Registered Citizen Travel Action Group (RTAG) will share his organization’s knowledge regarding IML issues, which we hope will assist those planning to travel outside the United States. In addition, attorney Paul Dubbeling will answer questions regarding potential litigation challenging IML.

Sign Up Instructions

Although it is not mandatory, we ask that you sign up here so that we have an idea how many will be attending the call. The phone number is 641.715.3660, followed by 957605#. You may call in directly with a telephone or, if you have a speaker and microphone or a headset with a mic, you may access the call through your computer by going to and following the on-screen directions for inputting the number and the code.

Live Stream Option

We also are going to Live Stream the call on YouTube. There won't be any video, just an audio stream, so you can try this if you'd rather not call in. You can use your Roku or ChromeCast and have the call played over your TV.


Keep in mind, responses to your questions on the program are merely intended to offer guidance and should not be construed as legal advice. We cannot cover the specifics of any individual's situation sufficiently to know what the most prudent course of action is so NARSOL advises all participants to consult with a qualified legal professional in their jurisdiction regarding specific questions.

March 14th, 2018 7:00 PM